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Bird Photography
Discover our Passion for Nature in the Garden Route.



Join us for a photographic birding safari in the Garden Route at a selection of wetland, forest and Fynbos destinations. The best time is between Spetember and February, thoughthe winter flowering of the fynbos opens up the potential of a winter tour.


Bird Hides

There are two popular bird hides, namely the Rondevlei and Malachite Bird Hides at Rondevlei and Langvlei respectively.

Both offer excellent oppertunities to photgraph waders, kingfishers, cormorants, darters and warblers.

In addtion to the bird hides there are numerous sites to view and photograph wetland species between Stilbay and Natures Valley.

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The core of the Garden Route between George and Storms River is renowned for it's Afro-montane forest which extends between them along and west-east axis.

Renowned for the exquisite Knysna Turaco, the forest is also home to difficult to spot species like Narina Trogon, Knysna Warbler, Yellow-throated Woodland Warbler, Green Wood-Hoepoe and Grey Cuckooshrike.

While there are seasonal variations, a few locations offer ideal vantage points for photographing these elusive forest species.



There are numerous locations for photographing birds that frequent the Fynbos.


Cape Sugarbird and Sunbirds are colourful and easy to photograph, particulary when nesting.


Fynbos has a flowering period between February and December providing an almost year round oppertunity to photgraph bird species that frequent Fynbos.


An added bonus is the combined vivid floral colours to compliment the bright plumage of sunbirds.

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