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Want a more aquatic experience? Then check out options of snorkeling in the Garden Route, diving on the Sardine Run or SUPping in the Garden Route.

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Regional Birding Lists
Discover our Passion for Nature in the Garden Route.


BirdingEvery birder knows that have the task of identifying birds is knowing what species to expect in a region. Garden Route Birding has prepared downloadable bird check lists for both the Garden Route and Little Karoo. If you need check lists for other regions that you will be birding in, contact us to genrate a list for you.


Garden Route List

The official count for species in the Garden Route is 264, but with global warming, in recent years there have been a number of vagrants and out of range species recorded.

The list below can be downloaded and used as a check list.

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Little Karoo List

The species count in the Little Karoo does fluctuate depending where you are, but is approximately 287 birds.

While there is not a great diversity of raptors, the numerous mountains and canyons are ideal to look out for soaring Verreaux's and martial Eagles.

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Regional Bird Lists

If you are planning birding in Southern Africa beyonf the Little Karoo and the Garden Route, contact us to generate a bird list of the regions that you will be visiting..

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